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Indian Astrology has been originated from Vedas(Four Vedas, Four Sub Vedas, it is required to understand 6 parts of vedas to understand Vedas these are – Education, Grammar, Kalp, Chhand, Nirukt, and Astrology), these are also called as third eye of vedas. Astrology eyes upon and examines Past, Present and the Future. They Say – “Third Eye of vedas looks upon everything, Astrology answers, Ask anything”. Its a spiritual knowledge and science as well. Many of the people who deny astrology as non scientific, they don’t even know the ground basis of  astrology.

“Jyotish lay brahmand ki behti sarit saman udgam par adhyatm hain sangam par vigyaan” Astrology is not only a science, its a divine science. Astrology, Basically searches future and signs about what is going to happen next. Astrology neither based upon possibilities nor its future is uncertain. It requires right view, knowledge and attentive mind.

This mythological science has been studied by  many of our sages of the pasts and derieved many of their thoughts on the basis of their studies. Many of the books written by Bhrigu, Parashar, Jaimini, Varahmihir are still produce the solid ground to the modern and traditional astrology since their origination.


Krishnamoorty is one of the modern researcher whose studies are still predictive and reliable. Some of our sages from the past provide the facility to learn and make correct horoscope on the basis of 27 nakshatras divided into 4 steps and studied them till 27 x 4 = 108 parts. But professor K. S. Krishnamoorty took the figure of 108 to 249 and this division is the most exceptional and reliable. Professor Krishnamoorty is the father of modern astrology revolution. Professor Krishnamoorty emphasized on the study of nakshatras which leads to correct and on target predictions which is called as Krishnamoorty Science of stars. Professor K. S. Krishnamoorty’s extended researches are still a revolution for correct and complex prediction and for this study there is no sign of being unsuccessful. This is the only reason behind no redundancy in prediction by krishnamoorty followers. It enhances the importance of astrology and proves it as a divine science.


Just opposite to it traditional astrologers predict differently with same horoscope and not only make fun of themselves but they make fun of this precious and valuable science also.