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Horoscope for a particular position of the sky map is a right time. At that time the amount of the round East is on the horizon, it indicates the rise. Time is always dynamic stars - constellations, stars move suddenly change. Planet in the sky but do not predict the guidance of experienced astrologer can identify the planets move and effect.

Angira Modern Computers's Horoscopes are based mainly on Parashar system. However, there is a fine blend of Tajek system, Gemini system, K.P. system, Horary (Prashn Marg) system & Western system in the Astrological calculations.

Predictions are based on various ancient texts like Brihat Parashar Hora, Mansagari, Saravali, Brihat Jatak, Phal Deepika,Jataka Parijat, Uttara Kalamrita, Sarvatha Chinthamani, Kaal Prakasika, Muhurath Martandaya Muhurath Prakash Muhurath Kalpdhuram Created Excellent Astrological Software by Angira Jyotish Vedic Horoscope/KP System Horoscope, Lal Kitab, Numerlogy, Yearly Prediction, Match Making & Muhurath etc. This horoscope is based on Date, Time and Place of birth provided by the native. Astrological calculations & predictions are all based on this basic input given by the native.

Get your detailed (DOB, TOB & Birth Place) birth (city, village, India - Foreign) of the exact latitude and longitude (by 100 percent pure) Horoscope Book Size & File Size from the designers of astrological software in Hindi or English. Send your birth details with requisite for postage as E-mail.

Astrology solves any problem related to any guidance given by veteran astrologer right advice at the right time can change your current life..

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