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Match Making

Marriage in Indian culture not only meet physical needs. It's not a deal. This is a social, cultural, religious rites. Marriage is the foundation of society. The union is not marriage but the two bodies constitute two families concerned. Generated in two different environments, youth and women's union grew and grew. Different - and grew up in different environments aspirations of individuals desires, hopes and ideas power think different - is different. So both to coordinate, make up is necessary. ouseholder's life is treated as the chariot. If both wheels on an axle not out pace the householder's life is impossible to come prosperity. Life is hell. Every race and religion in the world is the practice of marriage. Country, according to time and circumstances of marriage customs - is bound to be differences in practices.

The question arises whether the Horoscope Maelapak (Match Making) is required for all? What people who Maelapak horoscope (Match Making) not narrowly they are not happy and rich? In many castes and religions in the world do not Maelapak (Match Making). So is it not a happy family? Not the case. Then there is happiness and prosperity. So much of the medicine he needs is another person that the patient only has the rules of nature can stay healthy. But the patient is necessary for him the drug. The. By K. P. astrology future spouses (groom - bride), the full details - deeds, properties, behavior, etc. - with - with its combination of effects arising from the right situations and can be evaluated. Such as horoscope Maelapak (Match Making) while adhering to the rules written ahead is creditable.

Match Matching of horoscopes of bride and bridergroom. Marriage is the Permanent tie of friendship, There can be no real friendship without trust. Therefore, one should make right selection. Though every action is accomplished by Fate. Like wise marriage also takes place due to the workings of Fate. Therefore it is said that marriages are arranged in heaven.

According to traditional Astrology only 36 Gunas are given prominence which is not completely right and proper, because consideration is very necessary on Tenth main points.


1-Longevity 6-Disput
2-Health 7-Court
3-Education 8-Relation
4-Mutual coordination 9-Character
5-Progeny 10-Financial condition


The traditional astrologer does not consider over the above mentioned gunas in the melapaka of the Kundli’s of the bride and bridegroom.

It is because of this that inspite of the harmoniousness of maximum gunas in the Kundlis the married life of the couple is not successful or there occurs separation from the partner due to some reason (divorce), widowhood and widowerhood) or lack or absence of peace is there in the house. In this way first of all there should be consideration over these Tenth points and then Melapaka of Gunas is to be considered.

If the abovementioned Tenth points are found to be satisfactory and the Gunas of Melapka are only a few, even then there is no cause of anxiety, marrying will be auspicious and it is also not necessary that a mangli girl should be wedded with a mangli boy. There are many such instances that a mangli girls was married to a mangli boy but even then the life of the couple was not peaceful. Therefore, the melapaka of the kundalies of bride and bride groom will be better only when it is got done by an astrologer knowing and practising Krushnnamurty Paddhati .  


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