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Gem Stone Through K.P.


Now a days astrologers at once advise to wear a diamond us soon as they have a glance at the kundali, this is misleading, as astrological research has shown that everybody, should not be advised to wear diamond.


In this way if a native is probibited to wear diamond according to his kundali and the native wears that diamond or he wears some ring of a metal, then it is certain that the native will have to suffer losses in the Dasa, Bhukti, Antara and Sukshma period of the planet lord related to that diamond, or he does not get any kind of profit. Therefore, the native should wear the diamond or not, and if he wears then which diamond he has to wear-the advice in this respect may be given only by an astrologer knowing and practising Krishnamurty Paddhati .