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Out Of the fourteen branches of learning of the ancient times Mantra Vigyan (the science and art of recitation of ‘Mantras’ or miraculous charms) has been one. Most of the Indians are well aware of it. Even today many evils and problems (diseases-enemies) are removed by the recitation of Mantras. The question arises what Mantra is and how it works. The direct relation of Mantra Vigyan is with physiology (the science of body in action). The human body is made of five elements, is a general knowledge. The five elements have their own qualities. Of these five elements there is one called ‘Aakash’ and it s attribute is ‘Shabda’ or word. It means the cause of the origin of ‘Shabda’ or word is ‘Aakash’ and it is said that ‘Shabda’ or ‘Word’ is indestructible as in science we say ‘Padarth Avinashi Hai’ (Matter is indestructible).


‘Shabda’ is a combination of some vowels and consonants (Swar and Vyanjana). We shall have to understand linguistics (Bhasa Vigyan) in this connection. It has been said above that Mantras are directly related to physiology. The vowels and consonants used in words spoken by us by mouth are directly related to the sensitive places of our body, that is when we utter a word it causes vibration on that place of the body of which vowel and consonant used in the word are the factors. The vibration produces energy on that sensitive place and the organs related to that place remain healthy.In the ancient times sages of our country formed Mantraa after doing research of the vowels and consonants related to the sensitive places of the body, by the proper and rhythmic signing of which an effective action is done by which the different troubles of man are removed. But one’s appetite or hunger is not satisfied if some other person eats the food for him. One will have to eat himself to satisfy one’s appetite. Therefore, if you think that some other person performs the recitation of Mantras for you and you will be benefited by it, you are grossly mistaken. You will be benefited only when you yourself do the recitation of Mantras.



In Indian culture from Ancient times to achieve happiness, prosperity, long life and good health; there has been quite an important role of Yantra, Tantra and Mantra. These Mystical Diagrams called Yantra are written on Tantra in the form of Gold, Silver, copper, Asthdhatu and Bhoj Patra symbolize different Powers. These Yantra are energized or Pran Pratishthit by using different Mantras of respective Deities. These deities in Yantra then help in achieving Particular task or desire. Yantra are energized by Seed and Tantrik Mantra which give immediate results and help in achieving desired results.


1. Concept of Yantra
2. Principle of Yantra
3. Energising of Yantra
4. Guidelines for Puja


Concept of Yantra:

The Sanskrit word 'Yantra' derives from the root 'yam' meaning to sustain, hold or support the energy inherent in a particular element, object or concept. It is usually composed of an outer geometrical form enclosing interior geometrical designs. Each particular design is used for a specific purpose or intent. In its first meaning, 'Yantra' may refer to any kind of mechanical contrivance, which is harnessed to aid an enterprise. A Yantra in this sense, therefore, is any sort of machine or instrument such as is used in architecture, astronomy, alchemy, chemistry, warfare or recreation.

A Sanskrit text of the eleventh century AD, Samarangana Sutradhara on the science of architecture, gives vivid descriptions of the making and operating of such mechanical Yantra as a wooden flying bird, wooden aero planes meant to fly with hot mercury as fuel, male and female robot figures, etc. The meaning of the term Yantra has been expanded to refer to religious enterprises, and has acquired a special theological significance. Mystic Yantra are aids to and the chief instruments of meditative discipline. Basically a Yantra used in this context and for this purpose is an abstract geometrical design intended as a 'tool' for meditation and increased awareness.

Principles of Yantra :

Mystic Yantra are an amalgam of three principles:


1. The form principle (Akriti-rupa).
2. The function-principle (Kriya-rupa).
3. The power-principle (Sakti-rupa).


They are, first of all, believed to reveal the inner basis of the forms and shapes abounding in the universe. Just as, whatever the outer structure, all matter is made of an intrinsic basic unity, the atom, so each aspect of the world can be seen in its structural form as a Yantra. As the scientist sees the final picture of the world in the orderly, simple, atomic structures in which certain primal shapes appear as a harmonized 'whole', so the Indian shilpi-Yogins (makers of ritual art) seek to identify the innermost structure of the universe by concentrating the variegated picture of world-appearances through intense yogic vision into simple form-equations. A Yantra, then, can be considered an ultimate form-equation of a specific energy manifesting in the world. These simple form-equations are held to epitomize the real nature of the cosmos as abstracted from the concrete.


In its widest application, Akriti-rupa refers to the inner or hidden form of structures, so that any structure, from an atom to a star, has its Akriti-rupa Yantra. Thus a flower or a leaf has an outer structure which is immediately perceptible, but it also has an inner form, which generally consists of a skeletal framework in which all its linear forms intersect with a central axis or nucleus: all forms have a gross structure and a 'subtle' inner structure, with a basic causal pattern (the inner form) for the external form.


Yantra function as revelatory symbols of cosmic truths and as instructional charts of the spiritual aspect of human experience. All the primal shapes of a Yantra are psychological symbols corresponding to inner states of human consciousness, through which control and expansion of psychic forces are possible. It is for this reason that a Yantra is said to embody a 'function-principle' (Kriya-rupa).


By constant reinforcement in ritual worship the apparently inert Yantra-forms shake off their dormancy and act together as emblems of psychic power. In this case, the Yantra is said to move beyond 'form' and 'function' and emerges as a 'power diagram' (Sakti-rupa) endowed with a self-generating propensity to transform a mundane experience into a psychic one. It is at this point that the Yantra is said to be 'revealed'. Although its outward meaning may be relatively easy to understand, the inner meaning that gives it its efficacy is difficult to grasp because its archetypal forms are basically concerned with the inner facts of psychic experience, gained through intuitive vision.


Energizing Of Yantra (Pran-Pratishthit):


After purification of Yantra with Panchgavya, Panchamrit and Gangajal; the Yantra is energized / Pran-Pratishthit with respective Mantra. Without Energisation Yantra is not useful. It has not been kept at home/work place without energisation. It gives otherwise negative rays which results in loss in place of any benefit.


Guidelines for Puja: Certain Yantra once energized does not require regular Puja; they remain hidden for whole life. Yantra, which are made on Metal like Gold, silver, copper etc., require regular offerings and Puja. They require regular bathing and offering of scent, rice, flower, jaggery etc. Yantra should be placed Flat on silken yellow cloth on the Alter.



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