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Essence of Astrology Remedy

Indian Astrology has been originated from Vedas(Four Vedas, Four Sub Vedas, it is required to understand 6 parts of vedas to understand Vedas these are – Education, Grammar, Kalp, Chhand, Nirukt, and Astrology), these are also called as third eye of vedas. Astrology eyes upon and examines Past, Present and the Future. They Say – “Third Eye of vedas looks upon everything, Astrology answers, Ask anything”. Its a spiritual knowledge and science as well. Many of the people who deny astrology as non scientific, they don’t even know the ground basis of  astrology.


“Jyotish lay brahmand ki behti sarit saman udgam par adhyatm hain sangam par vigyaan” Astrology is not only a science, its a divine science. Astrology, Basically searches future and signs about what is going to happen next. Astrology neither based upon possibilities nor its future is uncertain. It requires right view, knowledge and attentive mind.


God is not only behind incidents in human beings life but he is also responsible for whatever happens in nature. Everything is predecided. Nothing happens all of a sudden. We are not aware of anything so we consider the incidents as accidents or something happens suddenly. Western and Indian literature suggest that everything is predecided.


one of the incidents in horoscope are sudden and unwritten. Everything happens as scheduled and it is the basis of astrology. Astrology can be a guide of future incidents.


Man’s life is precious but mostly it is full of worries. The main reason of it is to regard ‘ Karma’ as above destiny. The fact is that it is Destiny which is the creator or lord of every event. Even the events of our daily life are predetermined. It is destiny which compels man to do good or evil deed. Now the question arises what destiny is. Its simple answer is that destiny is born out of our actions or deeds, that is actions done by man (in previous birth) have their effect on man’s life in the form of destiny. Now a new question arises how the game of destiny in man’s life will commence, how it will be played and how the answer to these questions will be known. In order to know it our ancient sages discovered that light of ‘Isha’ in which that destiny might be seen, that is, they discovered Jyotish. It has been therefore said that ‘Jyotish’ is the learning which reveals destiny.


Human beings are always related to three forms of time – The Past, The Present and The future. Past means whatever has happened. What is being happened denotes the present and what is going to come denotes future. Past and Present need not be thought because past shows contrition and worry about future shows fear. So, Most of the holy books teach and advice us to live in present. Astrology makes us learn about all the three of the times, the past, the present and the future.


We can’t change whatever has been destined to happen or as written in luck, it’s a universal truth. If we get to know something about future, we might consider ourselves well prepared to face various rigorous and pleasurable times of our life. “Better prevent and prepare, than repent and repair”(because whatever comes suddenly diverts our concentration and our mind). People have all the rights to get away with fears and pains of life. We can’t keep everything upto luck, we need to work upon and keep working which has been pre decided by luck afterall.


Indian astrology suggests the evils can be removed with the help of mantra-tantra-yantra and other remedies but it is not exactly the truth. The incidents are further divided into two categories and tried to identify the remedies of the consequences and after effects. Such as an umbrella can save us with light drizzle but heavy rain needs extra protection.


So, it is impossible to get away with all the consequences of incidents happen in life, with the help of remedies. Just for a hit and trial try yourself. The truth is, if anybody is blessed or not, if he prays or not or keeps stones or not but whatever is destined to happen, has to happen and will happen.


Keeping stones, praying to god or blessed by someone look good when time is ripe. This is the luck which owns everything. Now the question arises, how can we consider luck above all when after putting lot of efforts any individual can’t taste success or may not get succeeded, then he agrees upon the fact that luck is above all.


Lord Krishna, in Geeta, says keep on making efforts without thinking about the results. It clears that results are not in the hand of human beings. So how can any remedy suggested by anyone gets u achieve as u desire.

Nobody can deceive luck(Remedies are psychological process which enhances your self confidence, we consider it as a positive sign), but nature keeps on going without any change.


The reason for writing above the subject cited is that everything or whatever happens in human beings life has been destined to happen, can be known with the help of astrology but can’t be changed. The great poet Tulsidas, in Ramcharitmanas says- “Hoi Hai vahi Jo Rama rachi rakha! Ko kari tark badha vahi sakha !!”. As we know God means Giver, they just expect us to have thought of “Sarve bhavantu sukhinah sarvesantu niramayah.” and create a healthy and clean environment around us.


Dosh Views: -

Some of the Doshas Kalsarpa, Pitra, Mangal, Gandmool, Shani and negativity and positivity of any star shows the position of the stars in the horoscope, which is helpful in prediction part. It doesn’t show to make business and earn money.



It is to hereby declare that the above mentioned statements are not to deny or to go against the fact of any individual. Readers may agree or disagree upon.