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Miscellanies Models with Astrological Calculation



1. Horoscopes

Horoscopes module has many unique features, which cannot be found in other astrological package. It featuresBirthDetails, Panchang, Ghatak hakra, Avakhada Chakra, Planetary Degres, Lagna Chart, Moon Chart, Navamsa Chart, Chalit Table, Chalit Chart, Nirayana Bhava Chalit Table, Chalit Karaka, Charts Jaimini Karakas, Tara Balam, Sudershan, KP Lagna Chart, Nirayana Bhava Chalit (Cuspal) Chart, Significator of Houses, Planets Signification, Ruling Planets, Aspect Planet, Aspect House, Aspect Cusp, Sun Chart, Moon Chart, Langna Chart, Hora Chart, Dreshkana Chart, Chaturthamsa Chart, Panchamsa Chart, Shashtamsa Chart, Saptamsa Chart,Ashtamsa Chart, Navamsa Chart, Dasamsa Chart, Ekadasamsa Chart,Dwadasamsa Chart, Shodasamsa Chart, Vimsamsa Chart, Chaturvimsamsa Chart, Saptvimsamsa Chart, Trimsamsa Chart, Khavedamsa Chart, Akshvedamsa Chart, Shashtiamsa Chart, Friendship, Shodashvarga Table, Varga Bhedas, Vimsopak Strength Table, Shadbala tble, Kashta/Isht Phal, Bhava Bala, Upagraha, Shannadi, Prastha Ashtakvarga,Ashtakvarga Tables,Ashtakvarga TablesChart, Sub-sub period forcomplete cycles of Vimsottari, Ashtottari, Yogini and Kala-Chakra dasas.



FavourablePts, GemRemedies, StoneWearing, Mantras, Sadesati, Sadesati Remedies, YogaKarakas, Manglik Vichar, Kaal Sarp Yoga, Nakshatra Reading, Navamsa Reading, AllHouse Reading, List of Yogas formed in your horoscopealong with interpretation & list of planetsforming the yoga.and year predictions


AstroGraph (Health & Finance)

Astrograph is the astrological presentation of any aspect of life graphically. It could be for health, finance, mind, love or anything one may be interested to know over period of time. Astrograph helps us in understanding things better & easily which are otherwise difficult to express in words.


2. Varshaphal

VarshBirthDetails, VarshDegrees, VarshCharts, Friendship Table, Harsha Bala, Pancha Vargiya Bala, Dwadahavargiya Bala, Sahams, Tripataki Chakras, VarshYoga , Muntha Prediction, Muntha Lord Prediction, Ascendent Lord Prediction, Monthli Prediction, Patyayini Mudda Dasa, YoginiDasa., Dasa,Vimshottari Dasa, VAstroGraphYear.


3. Lal Kitaab

In this horoscope of LalKitab, your health and finance issues and your relations with your family members are described in detail along with your horoscope, planetary period, planetary positions, LalKitab natal horoscope and annular horoscope. Gemstone recommendation and other relevant remedies along with detailed results of planetary positions; planetary periods and yearly predictions are given in this horoscope of LalKitab. We have tried our best to provide detailed information as normally required by a native.
When you read LalKitab horoscope you will come to know about the incidences which are going to take place in your life. This LalKitab horoscope recommends what kind of worship is suitable for a native and what kind of worship a native lifelong.  Adopt the things and habits which are mentioned benefic for you and try to leave the things and should not perform. You should follow the precautions mentioned for you in this LalKitab horoscope habits which are mentioned harmful or malefic for you.
It is also mentioned in detail about the profession, job and business in this LalKitab horoscope. What things are benefic for you and what things are harmful for you in this regard is mentioned in detail in this horoscope.  Be specific and do the LalKitab remedies in the particular age or time mentioned in this horoscope to get success and gain in life.
LalKitab horoscope also describes the stressful and troublesome period in the life of the native in detail. Detailed remedies to avoid this period are also given. You will get manifold results of fortunate period and your stressful and troublesome period will pass smoothly if you follow LalKitab remedies regularly.  Negativity, stress and troubles will be removed from life and you will become a successful person if you follow LalKitab remedies regularly.
Lal Kitaab According Yearly Prediction.

Special remedies to be used in the beginning of the year to make the year auspicious.


4. Numerology

Section will introduce the user to the concept of numbers and its significance. It features Name Reading, Birthday Reading , Future Prediction, Fortune Guide , Numerology Compatibility, and Name Calculator with Automatic Suggestion.name analysis and suggestions for change of name .which gives favourable points and graph for the life based on numerology.


5. Marriage Matching

Basic charts, planet degrees and dasa of both male & female are given withAshtakoot and Manglik Matching. It finallygives the conclusion.Manglik Dosha matching is also very important along with Ashtakoot Matching . A Horoscope is said to have Mars Dosha if in Lagna chart Mars is positioned in 1,4,7,8 or 12th House. For compatibility against this Mars Dosha it is necessary that both boy and girl either have a non Manglik Horoscope or a Manglik Horoscope. The books on Astrology define other rules as well for propitiation of Manglik Dosha. If Mars Dosha is properly taken care of the chances of accidents or ill fate are diminished.
Special Analysis - Paapa Saamyam , Maha Dosha Quantum, Star Match ( 36 and 48 Points ), Star Classification, Dasa Sandhi Check , Chart, Mixed Chart, Groom and Bride Planet to Planet, House to House and Planet to House Relations, Synastry, Solunar Method.


6. Muhurath

Muhurath According to your Horoscope.

Models Making detailed ...